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10 Most Shocking Body Modifications On People – Video

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People nowadays don’t feel comfortable in their skin. Whether it will be fashion trends, beauty standards, peer pressure, almost everyone around us wants to change something about themselves. They change their clothes, their lifestyle. Some even proceed with some form of body modification.

We all know about piercings, tattoos, and hair dye. But some people take these things to the extreme. If you thought seeing someone with blue hair or a tattooed arm was disturbing and weird to you, keep in mind that there are much more shocking types of body modification.

Nowadays, people tattoo their whole bodies. They don’t just cover themselves in ink, some go as far as getting implants in order to acquire a 3D tattoo. These tattoos are 3D to both sight and touch. Others cover themselves with piercings and they stretch their ears, create tunnels – holes on the mouth for example, through which you can see their teeth and tongue.

There are even those who will tattoo their tongues and even eyes. Probably the most shocking body modifications include that one time a man turned himself into a cat after numerous plastic surgeries and that guy who wanted to look like the Red Skull – a villain from the Captain America universe. Turning into the superhero would have been much easier!

But to get a glimpse of what these extreme body modifications look like, watch the video below. And be prepared to feel disturbed, shocked, outraged, and conflicted as a whole! You have been warned!

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