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12 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast


Alexa Vega

12 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast

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Alexa Vega became very popular after starring in the 2001 film Spy Kids. 2 years later, at the age of 15, she was named one of the year’s hottest teen celebrities. She recorded several soundtracks for the films she starred in, participated in Dancing With the Stars, and, let’s just admit it, matured too early.

Bindi Irwin

12 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast

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Since her early years, Bindi appeared in TV shows with her dad, Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. After his death, Bindi, aged 8, delivered a eulogy for her father, in which she promised that she would continue her late father’s conservation and television work. And so she does. Bindi is now a beautiful conservationist, actress, singer, and dancer.

Jaden Smith

12 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast

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Jaden’s first movie role was with his world-famous father, Will Smith, in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. He also started a rapping career as well as his own clothing/lifestyle brand. As a 15th birthday present, Jaden sought an emancipation ruling, with the consent of his parents. Young Smith is a good example of how fast star kids can turn into mature adults.

Ariel Winter

12 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast

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Ariel Winter gained recognition after playing a nerdy but cute teen in the comedy series Modern Family. 8 years after the premiere of the first episode, Winter is neither a nerd nor really a teen anymore.

Emma Watson

12 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast

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Even though we’ve been watching Emma Watson growing along with her colleagues in 10 years of the Harry Potter saga, we’re still not ready to acknowledge that this confident and elegant lady is the Hermione Granger we fell in love with back in 2001. Now Watson is not only a world-famous actress but also a model and UN Women Goodwill ambassador.

Alyson Stoner

12 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast

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This girl started her acting career with her role in the Cheaper by the Dozen TV series. Since then she started singing, modeling, and dancing. Alyson Stoner is now a big bright star of the Hollywood world.

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