20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

Shooting a movie, especially a sequel, is always hard work. The producers’ main task is to not only shoot a new movie that should be just as good as the first one, but also to retain the cast of characters that many viewers have fallen in love with. The same rules apply to TV series as well. But it’s not always possible to involve the same actors that people loved in the first seasons. In these cases, they have to resort to replacements and hope that it will still be a success.

buzviral has made a list of movies and TV series where one or several actors were replaced. We will let you decide if the replacements were a good idea or not.

Evelyn O’Connell, The Mummy

20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

© Universal Pictures / The Mummy Returns   © Universal Pictures / The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor  

The first iteration of The Mummy turned out to be a big hit which was quite unexpected for producers. One of the reasons, among other things, was Rachel Weisz who played librarian Evelyn O’Connell. The same actress also starred in the second part of the series where the main characters became a married couple.

However, Weisz dropped out of the third part saying the scenario wasn’t good enough. It was decided to replace her with another actress, Maria Bello. Neither viewers nor the critics liked her performance: they called it clumsy and the actress didn’t seem to express any charm or femininity on screen. The poor choice of actors wasn’t the only rough spot of the movie — it lost money and never paid off.

Reggie, Riverdale

20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

© Warner Bros. Television / Riverdale

Archie’s opponent was performed by Ross Butler in the first season, but he was replaced in the second season due to his busy work on other projects. The plot was structured in such a way that Butler’s character appeared as often as possible on the screen being the antagonist who creates a certain level of tension.

According to producers, they were trying to find an actor that was just as charming and funny as Ross. And they did. Reggie is played by Charles Melton in the second season.

Doctor, Doctor Who

20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

© BBC One / Doctor Who  

For the first time, the part of Doctor in the cult TV series will be performed by a woman, actress Jodie Whittaker. She’ll take the place of the previous Doctor who was played by Peter Capaldi. The Doctor’s gender change evoked furious emotions among fans of the TV series. The change of the main character is pretty common for Doctor Who. Traditionally, Doctor changes his appearance and temperament in almost every season.

However, over the past 50 years, Doctors have been played exclusively by men. The fact that the main character would be played by a woman was shocking news and evoked reactions that spanned the entire spectrum from happy to angry.

Catwoman, Batman Returns, Catwoman

20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

© Warner Bros. / Batman Returns   © Warner Bros. / Catwoman  

Michelle Pfeiffer was and will always be the best Catwoman from all the Batman films. Originally it had to her starring in the spin-off, but it took so long to actually start filming the movie that she refused to take part in it.

As a result, Halle Berry took the part, and despite her talent and natural charisma, she couldn’t portray Catwoman as brilliantly as Pfeiffer did. The movie failed with critics giving it mainly negative reviews, and Berry received a Golden Raspberry award for her horrible acting.

Mason Verger, Hannibal

20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

© NBC / Hannibal  

Michael Pitt, who played sociopath Mason Verger in the second season of the TV series Hannibal,decided to leave the project. He was replaced by Joe Anderson who is known to a wide audience as Alistair in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

Interestingly, the audience didn’t even see a difference. In the third season, Anderson’s character mutilated his face and the actor had to wear special makeup. His voice was also changed to match his successor.

Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, Game of Thrones

20 Actor Replacements in Movies That Took Viewers Completely by Surprise

© HBO / Game of Thrones  

The Mountain’s part turned out to be really long-suffering. We watched Conan Stevens in the second season, but he demanded higher pay and was replaced in the third season with another actor. The new Clegane was Ian Whyte who also played Wolf in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

After some time, Whyte played the parts of the giants Wun Wun and Dongo the Doomed while The Mountain’s part was given to Hafþór Björnsson, a famous Icelandic strongman.

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