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20+ Funny pet videos (dogs and cats) never seen before

#02 The dog playing on the piano

This cute dog watching the girl learn piano lesson wanted to share the experience and play the piano as well as if the singing talent of her singing

#03 Dog apologizes to you brother

This lady is training a dog to apologize because he did an unsatisfactory act toward the second dog and saw what would happen.

#04 Play Hybrid Wolf

This wolf in the hybrid, trying to play with his mother inside the car and bear heavy joking, and do not resist

#05 Dog eating frogs

This is the first time we hear about a dog loves to play with frogs, so what you see in this video where all the frogs scared and try to escape the dog, thinking that he will eat, funny.

#06 Cat and dog brothers forever

A dog and a cat have been raised since childhood in the same house, the cat plays with her brother the dog and does not be afraid of him and he also bears the joke and let her sleep in his hands

#07 The best dog the buyer has

In this shop, there is an indispensable customer, the white dog at the back, saw the reaction of the waitress when watching this guest.

#08 Cats do not like showers

This poor cat tries hard not to shower but the owner forced her to shower, watched until the end.

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