Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pit “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is revealed in a new trailer

Brad et Leo


Quentin Tarantino’s As soon as Upon a Time in … Hollywood

Brad et Leon à la conférence de presse du film à Cannes

Quentin Tarantino’s As soon as Upon a Time in … Hollywood, which premiered Tuesday to an absurdly packed, enormously appreciative Cannes crowd, is its personal fetish object. A sprawling, dreamy re-creation of a second in time when each Hollywood and America had been altering irrevocably, the movie finds Tarantino evoking — much more so than typical — the totally different textures and vernaculars of his obsessions: traditional and not-so-classic TV reveals, dead-end Westerns and cop dramas, fast-talking showbiz backroom blather, the numerous psychedelia of the 1960s. It’s essentially the most enjoyable the director appears to have had in years, but it surely’s additionally, oddly, his most compassionate image in additional than a decade. There’s a lilting disappointment on the movie’s coronary heart, completely encapsulated by the best way it intercuts between the world of a number one man whose time has handed and an occurring starlet for whom every little thing feels recent and new. It’s terrific … till it isn’t, which I’ll get to under.

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