27 Useful Products From Walmart That’ll Actually Improve Every Home

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1. A set of magnetic containers that will turn your fridge into the most convenient spice rack you’ve ever had.

The set of six comes with a metal strip you can mount on your wall or backsplash, too, if you like the idea of a magnetic spice rack but don't have space on your fridge! The jar tops turn to let you sprinkle or pour. Promising review: "I absolutely love this spice rack! I have been searching for one that I didn't have to set on the countertop and get in my way. I mounted it on the wall just above the stove so the spices would be handy yet not in the way. The jars still magnetize to the holder and turn easily. This is definitely one of the best things I've ever bought!" —Azgirl66Get the set of six from Walmart for $17.01.

2. A lid rack to organize your pots and pans cabinet once and for all, so you can actually grab exactly what you need when you need it.

Promising review: "Lids were all over the cabinet. Every time I needed a pot, five lids came flying out with it. This holds them all neatly and they take up much less room in the cabinet. I have lids for a large frying pan, pasta pot, two medium sauce pans, and a small sauce pan." —Ba58Get it from Walmart for $6.50+ (two colors).

3. A tea organizer so you can toss that messy pile of half-empty boxes cluttering the top of your cabinet in favor of this neat, easy-to-use solution.

It fits up to 180 tea bags and you can mount it on the wall, if you want. Promising review: "It's sturdy, stands on its own, holds nine types of tea, and doesn't take up much room on the counter. I feel well organized!" —jjayGet it from Walmart for $14.99.

4. A cheerful set of cherry red pots and pans to upgrade your ancient nonstick set that’s beat-up and scratched beyond recognition.

Promising review: "I was very hesitant about purchasing the white ceramic nonstick cookware because I always had the dark nonstick cookware in the past. Now, I will never go back. I've had these for over a month and used them about four or five days a week. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. I use a small amount of either olive oil, canola oil or butter to completely coat the cookware when cooking. I also let the pan preheat, but not too hot before adding anything and only use a Medium to Medium/High heat. The pans heat quickly and hold the heat very well. Chicken, pork chops and steak turn a nice crispy brown but the pans are a breeze to clean. Eggs, so far, just slide out of the pan. The cookware looks as new as the day I got them. " —SunshineGet the 11-piece set from BuzzFeed's Tasty Collection for Walmart for $79.

5. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets that will erase years of hard water mineral buildup with a single cycle.

6. A nine-piece countertop blender set because it’s the closest you’ll get to smoothies that make themselves: you can just throw all the ingredients together (even the night before!), press your cup down on the blender, then get on with your life.

No big blender cleanup required. Promising review: "I bought this about a month ago. I love it. So powerful — I can make smoothies and milkshakes (that are perfectly blended, no pulp!) in minutes. It's also super easy to clean up. The cups are pretty big. I use the smaller one more often unless I'm making a smoothie for two people." —PuppflowGet it from Walmart for $79.

7. A foil and plastic-wrap rack that mounts to a cabinet door so you can free up an entire shelf’s worth of space *and* easily grab the parchment paper without pulling out every other box first.

Promising review: "I had one of these for over thirty years, but it eventually it cracked. When we removed it to paint the cabinets, I was delighted to find they still made it! It's a very good product!" —GemkatGet it from Walmart for $7.32.

8. A four-in-one chopper and slicer so you can dice all the onions you need for that week’s meals before you can say “cutting board”.

9. A super-cushioned gel mat designed to give your feet some sweet relief whether you’re prepping veggies, perfecting your spaghetti sauce, or just washing dishes at the end of the day.

Its stain-resistant surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth or mop. Promising review: "I've now bought two of these. One wasn't enough. Gelpro mats cost more than some—but oh my, they are so worth it. I've tried the cheaper mats and they're nowhere near as comfy. Most of them are hard to clean, too. I like to cook, and I really believe I'm less tired after when I stand on my Gelpro mats for the prep and washing up." —emarieGet one from Walmart for $39.95+ (five colors available in two sizes).

10. A set of three produce savers that really will keep berries, spinach, lettuce, bell peppers, and all kinds of fruit and veggies day-one fresh for nearly two full weeks.

11. A treasure trove of colorful cooking utensils basically guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen, or at least make you smile every time you notice them.

Get the entire set from BuzzFeed's Tasty Collection for Walmart for $19.99.

12. An under-sink drawer and shelf perfect for maximizing every inch of vertical space your cabinet has to offer.

13. A stamp-in gel so you almost never have to scrub the toilet down again — it works every time you flush to keep the bowl sparkling clean for weeks at a time.

14. A simple soap dish that you can hang pretty much anywhere you need it, because it attaches to the wall with water-resistant Command Strips.

Plus it's engineered to drain efficiently, so your soap doesn't just melt in a puddle of water. To be sure it stays stuck, make sure to follow all the installation directions that come with it (including cleaning the wall with rubbing alcohol). Promising review: "Installed in my tile shower this morning, waited two hours, took a shower, and it is still affixed to the tile. This is exactly what I needed. There was one question I had before ordering this: does it have drain holes? I didn't want soft dissolving soap in a dish. It is good to say that the bottom of the dish is oyster-shell shaped and the narrowest part at the bottom towards the back has one hole about the size of a pencil eraser. This is really all it needs. I just checked it since it was several hours after my shower and there is no sign of water in the dish. I am really pleased with this selection especially sight unseen." —4grandsons Get one from Walmart for $3.69.

15. An acrylic makeup organizer — it’s basically begging you to turn one corner of your bathroom counter into your dream makeup battle station.

Get it from Walmart for $17.97.

16. The Drain Weasel, which will reach into the depths of your pipes to extract the ominous hair-and-slime monster — aka the culprit behind your backed-up sink and shower.

Promising review: "This worked great in my shower. I'm not able to pull the drain plug out, so I was very happy to find a product that doesn't require it. It is very easy to use, and very effective. Will continue to purchase so I don't have to keep using chemical decloggers every other week. Highly recommend!" —AJaneGet the starter kit from Walmart (which includes the handle and two disposable snake attachments) for $9.37.

17. A shower caddy that suctions wherever works best in your shower or tub *and* holds full-size bottles. Your extra storage wishes have been granted!

To make sure the suction cups stick and stay stuck, make sure both the cups and your shower wall are completely clean. Let the wall dry, then wet the suction cups and shake off the excess — and stick! Promising review: "I bought one about a year ago to use in a shower with a plastic surround, and it has the best suction cups of any others that I've tried." —JulieGet it from Walmart for $7.99.

18. A grout cleaning brush with a cushioned grip because your hand might as well be comfortable when you’re giving all the elbow grease you’ve got.

Get it from Walmart for $5.45.

19. And a pack of Magic Erasers that are tough enough to scrub up even the scummiest soap buildup.

20. A down-alternative comforter — it comes in light, medium, and heavy weights so you can choose exactly what *you* need to be your coziest self night after night.

Or you can buy two, one for the warmer months and one for the colder ones! It's completely machine washable and excellent for stuffing into your favorite duvet cover. Promising review: "This is more than what I expected for the price I paid. It is very soft and although it is warm it doesn't feel heavy when you are under it. It fits my king size bed perfectly. I love it! It looks great on my bed, clean and crisp." —mille7861tGet it from Walmart for $16.09-$26 (available in Twin, Queen, and King).

21. A high-traffic carpet cleaner that — when it combines its powers with your vacuum — can make stained and dirty carpet look almost new.

You simply spray it on your carpet, rub it in a little, wait for it to dry, then vacuum up the bits that are left behind. Promising review: "This stuff is the bomb! It was easy to apply, even without the special brush tool. Instead, I used a broom to work the foam into the carpet. I was uncertain about how much to put down, so just kind of winged it, putting a little more on the grungier areas. (We have dogs. And cats. And grandsons. And live in the country.) It did a beautiful job. After a good vacuuming, the carpet looks fantastic. I love the results, another room awaits!!" —EnjoyingRetirementHeavenGet two cans from Walmart for $6.98.

22. A double-sided 40-pocket jewelry organizer because when you have that many compartments, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for at a quick glance.

23. A set of six drawer organizers so you can work a design-show-worthy before-and-after on your dresser.

It comes with two small square boxes, two medium rectangle boxes, and two large rectangle boxes. Get the pack from Walmart for $5.97.

24. A faux-fur throw that, besides looking cozy-chic on your sofa, will also keep you warm while you watch your latest Netflix obsession.

25. A wall-mounted storage rack — it’s a gigantic step toward the clutter-free laundry room/utility closet of your dreams.

26. An expanding duster because some of us vertically-challenged people need something that extends up to six feet to be able to reach grimy ceiling fans and our highest bookshelves.

Its head also swivels to lock into several different settings, depending on what works best for you and the dust you're trying to tackle!Promising review: "Not only can I reach high places I can dust the tops of baseboards without getting on my hands and knees. Ceiling fans are a snap along with a quick dusting of the walls." —CritterGet the starter set from Walmart for $11.97.

27. A faux-leather ottoman with ~secret shoe storage~ so you can buy that pair you’ve been eyeing for months, even if your closet’s kinda full already.

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