Smith’s Family Every Member Net Worth $$$

Will Smith, known also by his alter ego, The Fresh Prince, has kept the world entertained over the last three decades. Though Will started his career off as a rapper, his moves within the TV and film word solidified his status as a bonafide superstar. Like any good father, Will Smith has leveraged his massive appeal to help thrust his family into the spotlight as well.

These days, his kids: Trey Smith (a result of his first marriage to his ex-wife Sheree Fletcher) and Jaden and Willow Smith (the results of his current marriage to actress Jada Pinkett-Smith) are taking advantage of their father’s name to showcase their own unique talents to the world.

Though Will Smith has more than enough money to support everyone involved, his famous wife, as well as their all three of their shared kids, have proven that they’re also bankable in their own ways.

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