The 10 Richest Musicians Of 2019


#Madonna holds the spot for the ninth richest musician, with a net worth of $590 million. Even though Madonna made her musical debut in the ’80s, where she pushed boundaries with songs such as “Like A Virgin” and “Vogue,” her constant reinvention of her image has kept her relevant throughout her career, which has spanned four decades.

In addition to Madonna’s impressive musical catalog, she also has two Golden Globe awards under her belt– one for her titular role in 1996’s Evita, and another for the Best Original Song for 2011’s W.E.


He’s also written some politically-infused songs about tension between The People’s Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, a violent conflict spanning hundreds of years that was only settled within the last twenty. In addition to #Bono’s musical endeavors, he’s also made a name for himself as a well-respected philanthropist and businessman.

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