What Bond Girls Look Like Now

10. Lana Wood, 1971

What Bond Girls Look Like Now

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One of the most popular Bond movies was shot in 1971 under the title Diamonds Are Forever. Lana Wood played the role of Plenty O’Toole, a gold digger from Las Vegas. She helped Bond win big in the casino but her fate didn’t end well.

Lana Wood is also a film producer and the younger sister of movie star Natalie Wood. She has played in several movies in second roles and her latest appearance was as Ms. Darling in Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws.

11. Jane Seymour, 1973

What Bond Girls Look Like Now

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In Live and Let Die from 1973, Jane Seymour plays the role of Solitaire, a psychic and tarot card reader. At first she’s working against Bond, but soon she ends up partnering with him.

She is an actress and producer and is present in one of these manners in many Hollywood movies including, Wedding Crashers. Seymour won a Golden Globe for her role in the East of Eden miniseries in 1982, has been nominated for more, and also is an Emmy award winner for her role in Onassis: The Richest Man in the World.

12. Britt Ekland, 1974

What Bond Girls Look Like Now

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Britt Ekland, a Swedish actress, was well known for her role as Mary Goodnight in The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974. Mary was Bond’s personal assistant in London and during a mission in Hong Kong.

Ekland is a singer and a writer, having written 3 books under the titles: True BrittSensual Beauty: And How to Achieve It and Sweet Life. She has played in several action movies especially during the 70s and 80s and she’s been off the screen since 2013.

13. Barbara Bach, 1977

What Bond Girls Look Like Now

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Barbara Bach was Triple X in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me. Under this code name, Anya Amasova had the same mission as Bond regarding some stolen microfilms. After many conflicts, they end up working together.

Bach didn’t make many appearances after her participation in the James Bond film. Her last movie role was in To the North of Katmandu. On the set of Caveman in 1981 where she played Lana, she met Beatles drummer Ringo Starr who she’s been married to ever since.

14. Carole Bouquet, 1981

What Bond Girls Look Like Now

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In the film For Your Eyes Only (1981), Carole Bouquet plays the role of Melina Havelock. After finding out who killed her family, Melina works with Bond against the same enemy, seeking revenge.

Bouquet mostly participated in French movies. She also won the César Award for Best Actress for her role in Too Beautiful for You. In 2004 she played a small role as Juliet, in the Sex and the City episode “An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux.”

15. Grace Jones, 1985

What Bond Girls Look Like Now

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The famous model and singer played Bond girl, May Day. In the film, A View To a Kill (1985), May was an assassin working with Bond’s enemy and killed his driver, but after being betrayed by her own, she joins Bond’s team.

The American-Jamaican supermodel has played in several films after James Bond, but mostly has made many movie soundtracks for major movies over the years. Rumor has it that she’s going to make a cameo appearance in the new Bond movie.


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